About us

Well come to my website where age has no boundaries
i hope to bring a youthful sound of music despite my age

I will tell you about myself I’m now 55 and love music and always will i first starting singing way back in my school and around the playgrounds and even at home I used to drive my parents mad as I was always humming or singing a tune
music influences I can remember my first song and album was Bonney M
there strong sound and beat was infections Other artist where Gary Newman ,pink Floyd ,Peter Gabriel
i was stifled as a child to Music as although I loved to sing my epilepsy and having problems with spelling was always going to set me back as it affects my memory
today when I create music well there is enough computers and tablet to help and with modern technology it has opened the way
my greatest a achievement so far , is i created a song for the Manchester disaster and I was a able to sing it at Britain’s got talent Plymouth. Although not getting much further it gave me a boost and I was able to create a music room and some new recordings in the meantime as it will not hold me back .
what I plan next ,is to release the songs I have created I hope to get my first song out at the end of may 2018 so you will see my first one in on here

im busy preparing songs for gigs and venues At present and recording songs I don’t no yet if I’m a righter or a singer but will find out what the public like soon enough
thanks for popping by and seeing this or reading it means a lot to have have support as I will need lots of help in the coming month to get of the ground it’s a hard business like all the rest but I’m no stranger to challenges hope to see you back again soon